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Barn Door Design Guide

Whether your design aesthetic is contemporary, traditional or farmhouse rustic, a barn door can add functional beauty and depth to your space.  We will work with you to custom design a door that will serve its purpose and be a focal point in your home.

Some Things To Consider As You Plan Your Door Project

 1.) The Purpose of the Door.  This will affect the size, style, type of wood and finishing touches.  For example, if the door is for privacy (such as for a bathroom or bedroom), it will need to be designed to block out peripheral sound and light, which is not typically concern with doors in general living areas.​

2.) The Size of the Opening.  “Measure twice, cut once” is more than sound advice when it comes to sizing a barn door.  It’s critical!  You need to consider ceiling and floor clearance as well as surrounding furniture or other structures.  We can guide you in the measuring process or do the measuring for you to ensure proper fit.

3.) The Style.  There’s a design to fit just about any style.  Here are some of our more popular options:


barn doors .jpg

4.) The Wood.  Barn doors are typically made from reclaimed barn siding, which generally means pine, spruce or poplar.  Oak or chestnut from vintage beams are other great (but pricier) options.  We handpick each reclaimed board for the best color, grain, and aging/weathering consistency and will help you understand the best options for your project.

5.) The Hardware.  Handles, hinges and track railings are like “jewelry” for your door.  You can choose new or upcycled vintage hardware that will ensure your door makes a statement!

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